1Password Saves Me Twice

Suffice it to say my password game has been pretty mediocre for my entire life until today. I have generally used a single word plus some variations of numbers and symbols at the end, usually clocking in at 8 or 9 characters.

At some point in the past couple of years this began to nag at me, so I started getting more creative with my passwords. But the problem was that I was still keeping them all in my head, and they were still under 10 characters. Eventually this led to me never knowing my passwords, and frequently having to use "Forgot password" links to reset them. Better than before, but also a mess.

1password copy paste magic

At Bounce Exchange we adopted 1Password to manage vpn and server passwords, ssh key passphrases, etc. This has worked incredibly well and I started using it when signing up for other new accounts or services. Well today I took things a step further and started syncing 1Password with my phone, and changed all of my major online accounts to have unique, extremely long, symbol-riddled messes of characters as passwords.

I do not know any of my passwords anymore, except one of course. And for that one I followed XKCD logic to choose an extremely long phrase that would be next to impossible for a human or machine to guess:

XKCD Password Strength

I'm not certain this is a foolproof solution, but at least I know that if one service gets compromised there little chance of a cascade effect or identity theft. Unless of course someone gets my 1Password, in which case I will say goodbye to the internet and go live in the woods.

Justin Rodermond

Designer & developer. I have a land dolphin named Lois who helps me write Javascript and PHP. You can reach me at jrode@jrode.com.

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