Ghost, node, and me.

It is 2013 and this is more or less my first blog, and my first blog post for that matter. I'm not counting a few uninspired past attempts that are still withering away in some dark hole of the internet. This time I am excited about it, in part because I'm using Ghost.

Lately I've been enjoying using node.js in some personal and client projects. I had read the hype for quite a while, but it wasn't until my friend Stereo Steve walked me through his cool open source project that my curiosity fully kicked in. So when I got an email from my hosting company this morning saying they've added app installs for node and Ghost I knew I wanted to check it out and that it wouldn't take up too much time.

So here it is! The WebFaction guys even included some useful start and stop bash scripts that use forever. So far I'm loving it. The interface is snappy and straightforward. The markdown rules. Arstechnica did a great write-up last month that talks about the features and background behind Ghost.

I finally have a place on the web that is my own, I've been a lurker for far too long.

Justin Rodermond

Designer & developer. I have a land dolphin named Lois who helps me write Javascript and PHP. You can reach me at

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